Matthew A. Jorgensen

Matthew Jorgensen is a versatile media student.  He is expected to graduate in May of 2014 from the Colorado Media School.  Currently Matthew works at Geek Street Society Radio/ as a board operator for the morning Mouth Wash show and also as a radio spot producer for Geek Street Society. Matthew currently has over ten commercials currently being aired.  Matthew also has two other radio shows that he spends a lot of time on.  Weekly Weird News which he hopes to turn into a live news cast, and MHEDM (Mile High Electronic Dance Music) where he works hard to explore the underground world of music he thoroughly enjoys.

Although a fair amount of his experience is in radio, Matthew Jorgensen is very active in televised media as well as video production.  Matthew has worked on multiple movie projects in a number of different positions varying from actor all the way to director.  He has participated in the Colorado Media School’s 48 hour film festival, as both an actor and a camera operator for the movie Adam’s AppleMatthew was a director for a three minute silent film in the horror genre, The Creeper, in which he wrote the script, storyboard, and did camera work. Matthew also collaborated in writing a 30 second spot for A Firm Harris in which he acted, ran the camera, was floor director, and edited the final product.

Matthew Jorgensen is always looking for new and exciting opportunities in any media field, whether it be acting, voice acting, technical work, editing (audio or video), directing, voice-jockey, disc jockey, floor-directing, grip, gaffer, you name it he can do it, or he’ll learn how to quickly.  Matthew can cut spots 30 or 60 seconds, television or radio, and can help with any part of the process in either field.  You can’t afford not to have this versatile media monster as a part of your crew.